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Digital marketing services are the easiest way to grow your business…let’s get you more customer activity by implementing effective ways to get your brand noticed online.

Review & Reputation Management - How Do You Look Online?

Ever wonder what people are saying about your business? How about online?

More than 80% of people look for online reviews when shopping for goods and services. It’s important to know how these reviews can help (or hurt) your business. The majority of eople who search online consider reviews from customers like they would a friend’s referral.

Hint: it’s not all about the number of stars on your Google page.

Here are just a few key factors:

  • Average star rating
  • Frequency of reviews
  • Number of reviews
  • Responses from the business owner

We are here to help our clients navigate the journey of growing positive reviews and show how exceptional you really are.

Check out the guide below to get your Google profile in good shape!

Can People Find You On Apple Devices?

A brand new opportunity for you and your business is here! Apple users can now look for local business/services directly from their Apple Maps. 

Similar to having a business profile on Google, Apple Business Connect is a web-based platform that allows business owners to manage their business information on Apple Maps. 

Business owners can update their hours, address, phone number, website, and other details, as well as add photos and videos to their listing. They can also view their listing performance metrics, such as the number of views and searches.

This is a free service, and businesses can sign up for an account using their Apple ID. This is yet another way to improve your online visibility and make it easier for customers to find you on one of the most popular mapping platforms in the world.

Web Design - Meaningful Content

There are many places for your customers to find you online and your website can be the most comprehensive way to show them why you’re the best choice.

Basic and important elements of your website should include:

  • a home page to engage the visitor
  • an interactive element so you can build rapport.
  • client reviews/testimonials
  • products and services you offer
  • how they can contact you or shop online
  • ‘about’ you/your company so they find ways to relate

This is an exciting time to grow your website and online presence with meaningful and relative content! So many options…if you’re wondering where to start or if you need some help with your current website, reach out today.  Let’s build your reach together!


Social Media - Keep Posting

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, just to name a few! Social media is a great way to meet and interact with customers and prospects.

Posting often is the name of the game so you stay front and center in your niche. Social media platforms also offer paid and unpaid ways to get in front of customers.

If you need ideas on what to post, we’re happy to help.


Citation Creation - Where Are You Listed?

Can you imagine there are hundreds of online directories where you and your business may be listed? We offer a free report to see how easily people can find your business and reach out to you.

And will they?

There are many directories available according to industry and you may be surprised how easy it is to get listed on the big citation sites like BBB.

Hint: you don’t have to pay to be on all directory sites.

We can get you listed where you deserve to be so people can find you.


Email Outreach - Make It Valuable

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways of reaching previous, current, and future customers.

This is a direct way of offering valuable information to people who want to work with you. Hint: it’s not about selling something in every email.

We can help you create emails that stay out of their “junk” folder, grab your customer’s attention and keep them reading your emails. Let us nurture those relationships with/for you…


Graphic Design - Make It Memorable

Having a professionally designed business logo or specialty graphic can go a long way in presenting a memorable and credible look for your business.

Do you have something specific in mind, or are you considering updating what you currently have but need some suggestions?

Reach out to see if we can work together and develop your big idea and brand. We’re here to help.

Pay-Per-Click Ads - How Much Does It Cost?

All too often we meet with businesses who want more customers and think the answer is to spend $$ on Google Ads or Facebook Ads. There are many things we can do initially to help your business be more recognizable and stand out as the expert, online. Hint: you don’t have to spend tons of $$$ to beat your competitors rank.

Let’s chat about your online goals.


Search Engine Optimization

Some of the most popular search engines are still Google, Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo. Most of us defer to Google so often, it’s a verb now…we “Google it” when we’re searching for something.

The many details listed online about your business are related to where search engines find you and rank you. Thankfully, some of the most basic and effective ways can be taken care of on your website.


“I have worked with Michelle for several years and am delighted with how kind, sincere, and helpful she is. She has a way of figuring out what you want in a website by asking just the “right” questions. She has done so much for me in the way of social media and building of my website (and numerous other services regarding social media) that I do not believe anyone else could have done. She has made herself available to me in a timely manner and is not judgmental when I have questions. Michelle is the only web designer I would ever have work on my site. You will not find anyone who is as loyal and kind as she is. I chose the BEST!!! I can’t thank her enough !!!!!”

Carla Leighow

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