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Where It All Began…

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to change careers entirely and try something new…yet not know where to start?

Us too.

In 2007, Michelle Miller was ready for a change.

But let’s back it up a bit…even in her early teenage years, Michelle felt a profound sense of purpose in the thought of becoming an entrepreneur. Not really knowing where to start or what she’d like to create, she decided to nurture her people skills, worked hard through college and earned her B.S. in Human Relations in the mid- 90’s.

In the few short years following her college graduation and marriage to the wonderful Tom Miller, Michelle worked in customer service with the now global giant, Verizon until she discovered an opportunity with a very successful direct sales company.

For more than a decade Michelle worked alongside more than 300 consultants. By leveraging her genuine care for others and cultivating the ability to guide, influence, and communicate with people, she earned a leadership position and was fortunate to be working with an extraordinary group of talented individuals, most of whom she could call “friend.”

Michelle enjoyed those 10 years in business and all that came with it but wanted to bring her other ideas to life and explore how she could serve others, specifically, business owners. And that brings us to the next moment of exciting opportunity and personal growth which began in 2007.

She could see an exciting new path to personal and career growth in the direction of all things ‘internet.’


In September 2007 Michelle Miller, now managing partner, would take a leap of sincere faith and invest in herself and what is now Designing Value, Inc. to learn the skills necessary in providing digital marketing services for individuals and businesses alike.

It began with web-design, graphic/logo design and email marketing. Next up ~ social media management (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) and then online ads to reach local customers for businesses. These are ongoing services we offer and now additional such as review and reputation management, citation development, Google Business Profile, Apple Business Connect, and more.

We stay educated and implementing the latest trends and best practices for digital marketing as this industry is ever-changing. It really is an exciting journey with endless possibilities on ways to help our clients.

Please look around our site and we hope you’ll feel our genuine desire to help. As we grow our company in service to others, we look forward to an opportunity to talk with you and see if we can help.

You may have questions and we’re here to answer them. Reach out today!

“How Can My Business Get More Exposure Online?”

This is one of our most frequently asked questions.

The answer may be less complicated than you think. Let’s talk and see if we can help. 

Why struggle when help is only a phone call away.

When you know what your business looks like online, you can:


Publish The Content People Are Looking For


Keep Your Visitor Engaged


Motivate Customers to Shop with You


Enhance Your Online Presence


Foster Customer Relationships


Drive Customer Loyalty & Referrals



“For years I’ve had the pleasure of working with Michelle Miller in the field of customer service. When I heard that she’d developed a very successful business helping companies with their online needs,  there was no hesitation in referring a friend who needed a quality website. Michelle takes great care of her clients and genuinely serves their online needs.”

Kathy Corse
Author, “All That I Had”

“Working with Michelle has been an amazing journey. Michelle is a true leader.  Her unique way of communicating with others is astounding.  Michelle is extremely creative and is always willing to help others.  She truly believes in under promising and over delivering.”

M. Johnsnon
Design Consultant
Tucson, AZ

“Working alongside of us, Michelle designed a site that was eye catching, visible and one that made a positive impression on visitors. We are so proud of the new website! Her knowledge provided the latest strategies and she was always easy to reach. Michelle’s portfolio and appropriate pricing were some of the many reasons we hired her. The best part – Michelle keeps in touch with her clients on a regular basis to provide updates and upgrades!”

Terry Burke

“I have worked with Michelle for several years and am delighted with how kind, sincere, and helpful she is. She has a way of figuring out what you want in a website by asking just the “right” questions. She has done so much for me in the way of social media and building of my website (and numerous other services regarding social media) that I do not believe anyone else could have done. She has made herself available to me in a timely manner and is not judgmental when I have questions. Michelle is the only web designer I would ever have work on my site. You will not find anyone who is as loyal and kind as she is. I chose the BEST!!! I can’t thank her enough !!!!!”

Carla Leighow

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